The Bench Press - How Low Should I Go?

“Want to work on chest today? How much can you bench? How many plates?” I’ve heard those lines one too many times.   I’m not sure why men (mostly young men) have the need to compare with each other, who can bench more and the obsession with a big chest. I guess being big chested also means a strong, sexy man? But how sexy is it when you have a big chest, but can’t reach your hands over your head or behind your back? Yes, very sexy.  But what are some of the consequences of focusing your workout strictly on the bench press, especially when lacking full shoulder range of motion?


The Dreaded IT Band Friction Syndrome

Last week I was about to post an article about iliotibial band friction syndrome and some common ways to help decrease knee pain, but I then saw one of my colleagues post a video called, 3 IT Band Myths & Common Treatment Mistakes.  The author of the video, Paul Ingraham, made some valid points, notably; that the IT band is quite a tough structure and stretching it wasn’t going to change it very much.  

Is Coconut water the new “in” drink?

Recently I’ve discovered the goodness of coconut water.  I’ve had a few friends claim that coconut water helped them rehydrate after cutting weight for a fight.  I decided to give coconut water a try and fell in love with its mild and refreshing taste.  I’ve noticed more and more people consuming this product during and after their workouts.  Coconut water is now one the fastest growing beverages on the market and getting the attention from sports drink companies as well as large soft drink companies such as Pepsi, and Coke.
What is coconut water?

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge

Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge.  That was the mantra of the infamous Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.  Yesterday was the first time playing dodgeball since 2008.  I was with the original Love Juice team who were best known for their crazy antics and cartwheel throws from Travis Tomlin and outstanding catching from Carolyn Tam.  

I thought physiotherapists only treated sports injuries...

That’s what a lot of my patients say to me after being referred from their doctor or family friend.  A common misconception is that physiotherapists only dealt with sports injuries such as sprained ankles or rotator cuff tears. In fact, physiotherapists work in a wide range of clinical areas, such as hospitals, schools, home and long-term care facilities and private clinics.  From birth to old age, physiotherapists play a large part in maintaining function, restoring mobility and prevent injuries and complications.

2nd Annual BC Crossfit Olympic Lifting Competition

It was a great showing at the 2nd Annual BC Crossfit Olympic Lifting Competition on Saturday February 4th, 2012 at Semiahmoo Secondary School.  19 female and 29 male lifters for a total of 48 lifters were present at the competition.  The morning began with the men’s 69 kg and 77 kg weight class, lead by Ryan Lee from Crossfit Whistler and Richard Kam from Fitness World.  Teammate Viktor Selenziov had a personal best for the snatch and finished a respective 3rd place in the 77 kg weight class. 

The Rumours are True

Yes, I will be competing in the BC Crossfit Olympic Lifting competition this weekend at Semiahmoo high school. I love the look and response on people’s faces when I tell them this. Their facial expression is as if I told them that I solved the age old question of who came first, the chicken or the egg. Their response usually goes something like this, “REALLY?! You?! You can lift weights? How much can you actually lift?” When I tell them I can clean and jerk just under my body weight, they laugh, give me a smile of disbelief and ask more questions out of curiosity.