The Sandbag Workout Part 1

I’ve been trying new things with my workouts and my sister introduced me to the sandbag. At first it was difficult to maneuver and the constant shifting of the sand was very frustrating. I didn’t like it initially but as my body learned how to adjust to the changes of center of mass, I realized how awesome the sandbag was!

The Chin Up Challenge

Recently my sister completed a chin up challenge and reached her goal of 20 strict chin ups in a row! To me this is impressive since I can barely do six in a row. The premise of the challenge is to reach your predetermined goal by performing as many chin ups within an hour.  I tried this out myself but I barely got to the 5th round; I started to look like a squirming fish caught in a net.  This challenge definitely wasn't for me.

Oh No Annie! Annie Thorisdottir Pulls Out from the Open With a Back Injury

It’s always unfortunate to hear when an athlete is out with an injury and is unable to compete. I was really looking forward to seeing Annie Thorisdottir go head to head against Sam Briggs.  Unfortunately, the 2-year reigning Crossfit champion, Annie Thorisdottir, announced that she has sustained a disc herniation last week, forcing her to pullout of the open.

Another Chance at the WOD: Crossfit Open 2013

With the Crossfit Regional Open well under way, there is that nagging question that looms the next day, “should I redo the WOD?” With the workout announced on a Wednesday, it leaves you just a few days to repeat the workout. Is it even a good idea to repeat the workout a second or even a third time?

PRO's for repeating the WOD:

  • Learn from your mistakes. Going in with a strategy and a plan will allow you to reflect and learn from your mistakes


Acupuncture: Getting Over Your Fear of Needles

We’ve all had some of experience with needles, whether you remember being a child waiting in line to receive a booster shot, or an adult getting your blood drawn, having a needle stuck in your body doesn’t exactly represent the happiest time of your life. For many people, childhood fears and past memories may make it hard to get over their fear of needles.

The Single Leg Deadlift AKA The Drinking Bird Exercise

Bodyweight exercises are a great alternative to traditional barbell exercises, especially if you have limited access to equipment.

The single leg deadlift is a challenging full body movement that requires strength, flexibility and dynamic stability as there is maximal engagement of the hamstrings, glutes and core stabilizers.

Straight as a Board: Variation to the High Plank

I was getting tired of just holding the high front plank, so I thought about challenging my core by simply lifting my leg. I know that sounds easy, but trust me, it isn't as easy as it seems. I got my sister initially to place a water bottle on my back, but I was barely able to keep it from falling off.  I then got her to switch the water bottle with a half foam roller. The half foam roller was a bit easier and it allowed me to see how much sway and hip hike I had while performing the task. 

Favourite Balance Exercise: The Star Balance

My favourite strength and balance exercise for the lower body is the star balance.  The best thing about this exercise is that it doesn't require a whole lot of equipement- just tape. This exercise integrates ankle, knee, hip, back strength and flexibility, while also demanding core strength and upper body control.  This exercise is great for ankle and knee rehabiliation for any sport and easily implemented with any age.

Pain in My Achilles Tendon

Achilles tendon disorders are common in athletes involved in recreational and competitive sports, particularly in running.  Complaints of pain and stiffness around the Achilles tendon are common after bouts of inactivity (ie. sitting), which are then slightly relieved with a small bout of exercise, but can be exacerbated afterwards.

Who is at risk of developing Achilles tendinopathy?

Individuals with:

Intersection Syndrome of the Forearm

Wrist injuries are common in sports and in tasks requiring repetitive movement of the wrist. A common, but easily overlooked condition, is the intersection syndrome.  Intersection syndrome of the forearm is a painful condition caused by inflammation of the second extensor compartment tendons of the forearm.  Location of pain is where the first extensor compartment tendons (abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis tendons) intersect or cross over the second extensor compartment tendons (extensor carpi radialis longus and extensor carpi radialis brevis tendons) (Costa et al.