The Sandbag Workout Part 2

The second part of the sandbag workout is here! Thanks to Elisa for demonstrating the workout, even though she had already worked out that day. My previous post demonstrated 3 simple yet effective exercises that targeted the core, legs and shoulders. This week I challenge you with the Turskish get up which I find to be one of the most difficult exercise. It looks easy but there is a lot of overhead stabilization required by the core, scapula, shoulder and arm.  As you’re doing the Turkish get up, you think you’re stable and ready to stand up, and BAM... the sand shifts inside the bag and your muscles must react quickly.  Otherwise, you will find yourself on the ground at the gym with a 50lb bag of sand on your face.  It hasn’t happened to me yet but the image of me being engulfed by the sandbag keeps me motivated to stay strong and focused during the workout.


So here's this week's sandbag workout:

Turkish Get Up


Front Plank Front Pulls 10x


Shoulder to Shoulder with Squat 10x



Single Arm Overhead Lunge (5x/side)


Sorry this video was so short! I ran out of memory on my camera.


Repeat for 3-4 more sets!


Jessie Wong, Physiotherapist from the Physio Room


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