The Rumours are True

Yes, I will be competing in the BC Crossfit Olympic Lifting competition this weekend at Semiahmoo high school. I love the look and response on people’s face when I tell them this. Their facial expression is as if I told them that I solved the age old question of who came first, the chicken or the egg. Their response is usually goes something like this, “REALLY?! You?! You can lift weights? How much can you actually lift?” When I tell them I can clean and jerk just under my body weight, they laugh, give me a smile of disbelief and ask more questions out of curiosity.

Why and How?

It all started last June when I joined a Crossfit gym (Crossfit Overdrive) and the work out of the day involved the snatch (for those who don’t know, the snatch is when you get the bar from ground to overhead in 1 swift, powerful movement). It wasn’t pretty, but I managed to complete the work in 37 minutes and 48 seconds (Here are the results from that workout). I enjoyed the complexity and technicality of both the snatch and the clean and jerk, and that’s why I decided to enter the lifting competition. It was something for me to work towards and focus my attention. Along with fellow teammate Viktor and Michelle, the three of us have been training hard with the help of Coach Marco and Herbie. Training for this event has allowed me to tap into strength that I never knew existed. I now have an appreciation for the strength, technique and dedication for those who compete at a competitive level.

Top 5 things I have learned from this experience:

  1. Write down your end goal and work backwards from it. This gives you an idea of what you’re striving for and how to obtain it.
  2. Rest in between sets. For the best results for gaining strength and power, you should take 3-5 minute rest breaks between sets.
  3. Take the time to stretch the muscles that you use that day. For example, snatches and clean and jerks require a lot of levator scapula and upper fiber trapezius activation, so stretching these muscles can help lessen neck and shoulder stiffness the next day.
  4. Work with a partner. Having someone to give you feedback and also encourage you through those tough workouts can help get you to your end goal faster.
  5. Believe in yourself. Have confidence in your ability and trust your body to do its best. If you need to, visualize, visualize, visualize!

Want to see what Olympic Lifting is all about?

For those who live in the neighbourhood or have no plans for this Saturday (February 4th, 2012), I invite you to join me and the Crossfit Overdrive family at Semiahmoo high school to cheer on all the athletes.


Men – 62kg, 69kg, 77kg (12 Lifters)

Weigh-In: 8:00 AM Compete: 10:00 AM

Women – All Categories (19 Lifters)

Weigh-In: 10:00 AM Compete: 12:00 Noon

Men – 85kg, 94kg, 105kg (17 Lifters)

Weigh-In: 1:00 PM Compete: 3:00 PM

Stay tuned for the results. Pictures and videos to come soon. Cheers!