The RKC plank: The Best Way to do the Plank

The RKC plank: The Best Way to do the Plank

Whenever I did the plank, I never really felt like I was working out.  It definitely didn't feel like a "core" exercise but rather a strain.  A small tweak in how I held the plank changed the exercise from straining exercise to a full on abdominal workout. The RKC plank was a game changer for me.  It was as if something clicked and my body finally understood how to "engage" my core.  It is now my new favourite exercise!

Here's the video for the RKC plank:

The Set Up:

  • Start with your elbows slightly in front of you and more narrow than your shoulders


  • Posteriorly rotate your pelvis to engage your glutes and your lower abdominals


  • Pull your elbows towards your feet to achieve a greater abdominal contraction


  • Start with 10-15 seconds at 3-4 sets. Once you feel comfortable with the position, you can increase the time


Happy planking :)







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