A New Beginning: Movement and Exercise Therapy at Raincity Physio

I've always wanted to have a space to call my own and now Raincity Physio in Gastown is  now my playground! It's equipped with brand new weights, kettlebells, bands, mats,  and my   favourite part of this place,  a power/squat rack with pull up bar .   I don't know too many physios that have power racks/squat racks in their clinic but I'm so  happy to have this bad boy in here.  



Raincity Physio Basics

  • Appointments are always one-on-one. I am never running between patients while you are scheduled with me
  • Initial and subsequent 60 minute sessions  are available  to get through everything without feeling rushed
  • You can  book your appointment online,  get  text/email reminders,  log in to the site to see your exercises and even pay online! 
  • We take cash (who doesn't), cheques,  and credit cards (so that you can still earn points)


Why Did I Start Raincity Physio? 

  •  I wanted a space where I can   focus on my favourite part of physio: exercise  and movement therapy.  It's not that I don't enjoy manual therapy or needling, it's just that I LOVE    teaching people how to move 
  • I wanted to  give that impression that when someone walks into my session, there is an expectation  that  they will be moving
  •  I wanted a squat /power rack in my space to assess how people actually   do their lifts in the gym. Often  times  at oly bar-less clinics,   I   would get people to use   a dowel and show me how they deadlift or  squat. Using a dowel just doesn't cut it. Moving without load is different  than  moving with load.  I'm not pushing people to their 1 rep max or anything, I just want to see what happens with a bit of tension and  weight  with these movements. 
  • There's a missing part to the continuum  of care when someone goes from the physio clinic back into a gym setting.  I wanted to bridge the gap to help those who are at the  end stages of their rehab and need an extra set of eyes  to help make that transition from clincial setting to community setting. These people are generally  feeling better,  not in an acute stage of injury anymore and just need guidance to get back to working out after an injury.  

So What's Next? 

I  have some big plans for the future but let's just take one step at a time. I'd like to push my self as a therapist, an entrepreneur  and  an advocate for physiotherapy as a profession.  Stay tuned to see what happens next! 

Spread the word and check out    Raincity Physio    for more information. 


Shout out to my web designer/editor/programmer/business consultant husband for helping me make this  happen, to Elisa and Kati for modeling and being apart of WTF  (What the Function) and Royal City Physio  "Movement for Kings", to  Derek, Ambi and Steve for carrying the squat rack up 5 flights of stairs, and  to  everyone else who has supported me! 

Raincity Physio Vancouver physio 4.JPG          Raincity Physio Vancouver physio 1.JPG           Raincity Physio Vancouver physio 2.JPG


Jessie  Wong , Physiotherapist