Favourite Balance Exercise: The Star Balance

My favourite strength and balance exercise for the lower body is the star balance.  The best thing about this exercise is that it doesn't require a whole lot of equipement- just tape. This exercise integrates ankle, knee, hip, back strength and flexibility, while also demanding core strength and upper body control.  This exercise is great for ankle and knee rehabiliation for any sport and easily implemented with any age.

How to do the Star Balance

The goal of the exercise is to reach as far as you can without losing form or balance.  Place tape evenly on the ground as shown in the picture.  Imagine the tape kept going into infinitiy. Place your right foot in the middle of the tape and the left foot is the "tapper." While maintaining your weight on the right foot, reach as far as possible with the left.  Don't make the mistake of placing too much weight on the left foot- otherwise you're going to tip over.  Do the same with the left foot. The key thing here is to make sure your knee is facing forward and doesn't rotate.*

large_IMG_1324.jpg    large_IMG_1325.jpg   large_IMG_1326.jpg

How often should I do this exercise

I often recommend 3x to 5x per leg everyday.  This exercise should be done pain free.  If there is any pain anywhere, you maybe too acute and may require some rest before attempting this exercise.

Right versus Left

This exercise is a great way to determine the difference between strength and balance of the right side versus the left side. Ideally, there should be no difference. Practicing this exercise everyday for 2-3 weeks will help increase your balance, strength and flexibility.



Jessie Wong, Physiotherapist from the Physio Room


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