Another Chance at the WOD: Crossfit Open 2013

With the Crossfit Regional Open well under way, there is that nagging question that looms the next day, “should I redo the WOD?” With the workout announced on a Wednesday, it leaves you just a few days to repeat the workout. Is it even a good idea to repeat the workout a second or even a third time?

PRO's for repeating the WOD:

  • Learn from your mistakes. Going in with a strategy and a plan will allow you to reflect and learn from your mistakes


  • Finding your inner strength. Sometimes we realize that we have a lot more in us than we thought. If you finish the workout and felt that you had more to give, allow yourself to go harder the next time.


  • Clearing your mind. If you've lost sleep because of your performance, do your self a favour and do it again with the mentality that this is your last chance!

CON's for repeating the WOD:

  • Risk of injury. It’s not a good idea to repeat the workout if you’re painfully sore, or feeling stiff even after a long warm up.  Most people will experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) 24-48 hours after their workout.  If you’re suffering from extreme DOMS your body is in need of a break.  Putting yourself at risk of an injury puts you out for the next WOD.


IMG_2525.jpg             IMG_2526.jpg
Derek decided to redo 13.1 but had lots of shoulder pain and limited shoulder range of motion. I used acupuncture and trigger point release techniques the day before the WOD


  • Lack of recovery time between WODs. Repeating a workout multiple times doesn't allow your body to recover for the following WOD. Remember there are 5 open WODS to complete, don't waste your energy  and time if you don't have to. 


  • Limited time and energy.  If you're seriously competing in the open, don't forget there are many other aspects of Crossfit that you need to train for. Crossfit is all about being strong, powerful, fast in many diverse functional movements.


  • Doing the workout for a 3rd time means either you didn’t work hard enough in the first 2 workouts or didn’t go in prepared. Hopefully you don't find yourself in this position.


Bottom line: If you want to be competitive, go with the mentality that you have one shot at it. Have a plan, visualize and execute.   In the games, you don’t get another chance so give it 110%, go hard and have no regrets!



Jessie Wong, Physiotherapist from the Physio Room


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