Andrea's Fundraising Efforts for Children in India

My awesome friend and physiotherapy colleague, Andrea Mendoza, is currently raising funds for quality splinting materials and therapy equipment for disabled children in India.  She is heading to South India in January 2014 along with a non-governmental organization (NGO) called Samuha.  This is a small blurb about what her goals are and what you can do.  For the full story and background about Andrea and her trip to India, please check out her website at Dollars for Development.

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What's the Goal?

Goal is to raise $5,000 by December 18, 2013.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Your donation, no matter how small or big, is going to have an impact.  Here is an idea of what your donation can do:

  • $25 will fund a pair of crutches for a person affected by polio
  • $140 will fund a hand-powered tricycle to enable a non-ambulatory person to navigate their community
  • $2400 will cover one year's wages of a Community-Based Rehabilitation worker!

I Want to Help

Visit Dollars for Development to help team Andrea and Samuha reach their goal.


Thanks to everyone who donated and good luck to the team! PS check out Andrea's new blog while you're at it.



Jessie Wong, Physiotherapist