2nd Annual BC Crossfit Olympic Lifting Competition

It was a great showing at the 2nd Annual BC Crossfit Olympic Lifting Competition on Saturday February 4th, 2012 at Semiahmoo Secondary School.  19 female and 29 male lifters for a total of 48 lifters were present at the competition.  The morning began with the men’s 69 kg and 77 kg weight class, lead by Ryan Lee from Crossfit Whistler and Richard Kam from Fitness World.  Teammate Viktor Selenziov had a personal best for the snatch and finished a respective 3rd place in the 77 kg weight class. 
The women’s category started with an impressive showing from all female lifters.  Personal records were broken left and right, including myself and fellow teammate, Michelle Fox.  Cheering on the women who were lifting over 90 kg (200 lbs) for the clean and jerk and seeing their determination and strength, was definitely the highlight of the day.  I hope to see more and more women take up this sport, especially in the lighter weight classes (48 kg- 105 lbs, 53 kg- 116 lbs, 58 kg-127 lbs).  
Early afternoon brought out the men’s heavy weight lifters, who were lifting almost double their body weight. A special congratulations to Lucas Parker and Rachel Siemens for winning best male and female lifter respectively.

Last but not least, a personal shout out to Coach Marco, as well as Coach Herbie, who helped coach and support all the Crossfit Overdrive athletes, and the Crossfit Overdrive family for your showing.

Congratulations to all athletes, coaches, and organizers.  See you again next year!