Concussions and Sports

A few weeks ago I had the chance to talk in front of a few parents, student atheltes and basketball coaches at the Strathcona Community Centre about what concussions  are  and the impact it can have on an athlete's physical, emotional and psychological well  being.    What was surprising was that every single person in that room either has sustained a concussion  themself or know of someone who has.  

A New Beginning: Movement and Exercise Therapy at Raincity Physio

I've always wanted to have a space to call my own and now Raincity Physio in Gastown is  now my playground! It's equipped with brand new weights, kettlebells, bands, mats,  and my   favourite part of this place,  a power/squat rack with pull up bar .   I don't know too many physios that have power racks/squat racks in their clinic but I'm so  happy to have this bad boy in here.  

No Sugar Please: 30 days Without Sugar

No Added/Processed Sugar for 30 Days

It’s been 30 days of having little to no  processed sugar in my diet. I finally did it!  My sister and friend both mentioned that they were going to cut processed sugar from their diet and I figured I might as well try it out too. They’ve done it before and had great results and I’ve toyed with the idea but knew I needed someone else to do it with.  I told them that I would give them each $100 if I didn’t go through with it. Initially I said $20 but then realized I don’t mind giving up $40 to eat cake. So $100 each it was.

Podcast Review: Training the Female Athlete with Janet Alexander and Jason Glass

I recently listened to a podcast with Jason Glass and Janet Alexander about training  the female athlete.   I've always  known that the menstrual cycle can cause laxity in the joints and make the female athlete more susceptible to injury, but I didn’t know to what extent and how to we should change our training methods for female athletes. Here  are a few  pearls that I picked up from the podcast. 


Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide- My Back Hurts While Doing the Straight Leg Raise

Let's be honest, we've all experienced one time or another where we've felt  a  strain or a pain   in our low backs while doing the straight leg raise exercise.  This is  especially true when you're trying to finish that last set before the timer goes off or when you're just really, really tired.  So why is this happening to you and what can you do about this? 


Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide- Perfecting the Lunge

Thanks for tuning in  to the 3rd article for Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide  movement  tune up.  The next movement on our agenda are the lunges.   There's a LOT of lunges and variations of the lunge (like the lumping lunges and scissor jumps) in the program, so it's important to get this movement right. 

Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide - How to Do the Perfect Squat

Have you ever completed a leg day from Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide workout and experienced  pain in your knees or low back ?   The workout contains a lot of a body weight squats but also a whole lot of plyometric exercises including jump squats and  tuck jumps. In order to do a jump squat, you should make sure you know how to do a regular bodyweight or air squat, otherwise, your knees will be in for a surprise.

How To Do Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide Without Injuring Yourself- Push Up Edition

With over 3 million followers on Instagram and many before and after transformations, it’s no wonder that Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide has become one of the most popular workout programs of the summer. I first came across her Instagram feed last year and was pretty impressed by the results her clients were getting from doing her guide.



Is Sitting the New Cancer?

We all know that sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for us. But what we didn’t know was how bad sitting really is.

With the constant buzz around the media about the dangers of sitting, it’s no wonder why people are exploring their options when it comes to deskwork.

The RKC plank: The Best Way to do the Plank

Whenever I did the plank, I never really felt like I was working out.  It definitely didn't feel like a "core" exercise but rather a strain.  A small tweak in how I held the plank changed the exercise from straining exercise to a full on abdominal workout. The RKC plank was a game changer for me.  It was as if something clicked and my body finally understood how to "engage" my core.  It is now my new favourite exercise!